Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Useful tips you can use to take great care of your catchers training gear.

Introduction. Generally, in the sports world, cleanliness is among the many requirements a player needs to have A baseball players cleanliness will show how disciplined he is as compared to his fellow teammates. Not just after a great game but also regularly after training sessions, a player needs to keep his catcher gear clean from both dirt and sweat. Here are some of the best ways to take care of your catcher's gear.

 A catcher's gear Like 
Wilson Youth EZ Catchers Gear consists of many different types of equipment. A helmet, chest protector, shin guards, a catchers pair of gloves among other accessories.

1. Catcher's mask.

When it comes to cleaning the mask, you need water and lots of it in this case. A certified catcher's mask is uniquely made to collect sweat during training, therefore, using a soft brush, soap, and water; you can make the costume look clean all the time. Make sure to either use a soft cloth and a cloth detergent (soap) to gently clean the inside surface of your mask to avoid wear and tear of the masks inside wall.

2. Shin guards.

A cracked shin guard will expose you to immediate danger during training and on the game day. Make sure that the straps are in good condition for use. When it comes to cleaning your shin guards, use water, cleaning detergent and a soft brush to remove dirt and mud if you had a game on a muddy surface. Make sure to use lots of water when rinsing. It is so because some shin guards have got a paddy surface to collect sweat.

3. Chest Protector.

The chest protector is usually meant to protect your chest from the baseball ball. Therefore taking good care of the chest protector will mean a higher confidence level during training. Make sure the straps are in good condition to lock the chest protector in its correct position, if the hooks are damaged, you need to replace them immediately. Using these tips, you pose to extend the chest protectors life to serve you better during your play time

4. Mitt.

The mitt/catchers gloves are usually made from leather material and usually have got laces to hold it in place tightly. Taking care of it will involve some steps. First, make sure the leather is not exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time for will help in preserving the leather texture. For cleaning process, use certified leather cleaning detergents and leather oil to maintain the gloves conditions at all time

5. Spikes/cleats

The cleats need to be 100% efficient. The catcher's cleats will constantly be exposed to worrying conditions in the field therefore when it comes to taking care of your cleats; you will need to wash them regularly with a cleaning detergent, a soft brush and lots of water. This cleaning process will not only reduce the stink, but it will add more life to the pair of boots.

6. Team Uniform.

The uniform is also part of your training gear. Therefore Uniforms need also to be considered when it comes to cleanliness. Dump and stinking clothes should not be entertained in the field. Clean your uniform with soap, cleaning detergent and water.


Cleaning your 
Catchers equipment will keep bacteria away. It is common to find fellow teammates with traces of bacterial infection on their faces and their skin. To avoid this, make sure to follow the above instructions for a great gaming experience. Taking care of your gear from day one of purchase will not only reduce the cost incurred in purchasing new equipment regularly but also prolong the lifetime of the gear.

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